Tekch Smart Facility Management Software

Make your facility smart with Tekch Smart Facility Management Platform with a real time consolidated view of operations powered with AI and IOT driving Operational Efficiency,Sustainability and a great user experience.



Paper Based Operations

Isolated Paper based Logbooks,Excels other data points. Hide effective insights and real time view of Facility Operations.

One Single Platform consolidated and integrated with various real time data streams from Assets to Energy Data to Workforce Data across all Portfolio properties.

Reactive Maintenance

Fix issues when they occur causing downtimes and a irrecoverable tenant experience.

Preventive maintenance with Tekch’s Calendar based maintenance plans and Automated Alerts when any of your connected asset deviate from expected performance.

Disconnected Isolated Workforce

Managing communication or work assignments with team members is an adhoc or time consuming work of managers while not guaranteeing the expected productivity.

Streamline communication with your team when on site or on field. Role based access and authorization help you to manage and consolidate your workflows from a single place.

Scattered Visibility Across Portfolio

Data been hidden across manual and site level entries. Difficult to get the critical data at dire need.

Access your data anytime,real time without hassle across Portfolio. Portfolio based metrics keep you on top of changing dynamics. Cloud based application hosted on work class safe and secure infrastructure gives data insights instantly.

Complex,Non User Friendly Solutions

Current FM solutions are pretty complex and un-intutive from a user experience and adaptability standpoint.

Built through driving user experience and ease of use as core objectives Tekch's FMS has a simple mobile first interface easy to comprehend and elegant to work with.

Platform Features


Capture all data points from Temperature,Humidity,Occupancy with our sensors. Builds the Facility Energy Profile helping you correlate with Occupancy,Energy spend while baselining against Energy Management Benchmarks.

User Interface

A Responsive Web Interface with Native Mobile app for Android and iOS.Empower field staff with mobile app’s to capture needful data points from technical,housekeeping audits to maintenance based work-orders.


Hosted on Cloud for a real time access anytime,anywhere on a world class safe,secure infrastructure serving you from a server near your location.

Internet of Things

Connect all your energy consuming devices from HVAC,Diesel Gen’s,Solar Panels,and other energy assets through our IOT connectors and BMS Drivers. Gain operational data access and control on your fingertips.

ML Models

Get pro-active inputs on your asset performance,future projections on energy Consumption,Spends and efficient inputs on improving team productivity through our Machine Learning based Algorithms.


Managing your teams to your assets to vendors all at one single unified platform. Tekch FMS is simple to use yet powered with all CRE work-flows comprehensively.

Core Features

Asset Management

Keep a comprehensive digital records of your assets with a collaborative authorized access to workforce.Automate maintenance cycles and reduce Total Cost of Ownership(TCO) of Assets.

Work Order

Manage all you repair tasks and capture necessary details from Expense,Asset involved,Spares/parts used,Vendor,Pre/Post pic. Add TAT for resolving issues timely and measuring team and vendors performance.

Help Desk

Respond to premise tenants,other users requests track them with the helpdesk tickets.Add relevant data points to keep a digital record of the issues and drive ways to reduce frequent issues.

Visitor Management

Control user access to your premise. Capture details from Personal details,ID Proof etc. Also Pre authorize users enter the premise seamlessly. Capture your daily helps in/out and real time notification to keep you updated.

Annual Maintenance

Manage all your AMC’s through an automated schedule capturing details from vendor to due date’s,checklist used etc. Automated alerts,notifications with due dates nearing helps to proactively track AMC compliances and finishing them on time.

Preventive Maintenance

Automated maintenance calendar for your Assets. Create a 52 week calendar for your assets in a button click. Capture the right details of service’s done to asset. Improves maintenance cycles and reduces downtime probability.

Compliance Management

Track all your legal and statutory compliance in a ziffy. Digitize all compliance records followed with automated alerts,reminders for upcoming renewal dates. Specific compliance types help to assign to respective vendor,authority etc.

Vendor Management

Manage vendor’s performance holistically from a single place. Historic records of Completion TAT,work order feedback,Expenses paid helps to find a data driven way to find the right vendors and evaluate their performance.

Invoicing & Billing

Manage all invoices for various expenses made in the Property Management Lifecycle. Lets you sit on top of financial management with capabilities of tracking each paid,unpaid invoices,expenses from clients,vendors.

Inventory Management

Keep a track of all Inventory of stored,used items with a historic record of issuing requestee,work order used against,cost incurred etc.

Smart Parking

Enhance user experience by tracking the parking availability and pre issuing parking details. Avoids hassle of a user finding the right floor,sl.ot for parking availability. A Sensor driven implementation auto updates parking availability to a specific floor and slot

Revenue Management

Manage building Pnl and keep track of all revenue,expenses with micro details. Consolidates line items of revenue,expenses and gives insights on where the buck is stopping. Consolidated Portfolio view provides comparison of core PnL metrics across Facilities.



Being one of the core industries in any economy manufacturing is a industry where operations need to run 24/7 without fail Any breakdown or run time operational issues would have a direct impact on a company’s bottom line and if not improved over a period of time would have detrimental effect in company’s market positioning. Digitalize all planned maintenance and automate your preventive schedules ahead of time. Automate everything – from work orders and asset management to reporting and vendor management to reorders,inventory reports and cost breakup's across parts. Increase Operational Efficiency and meet your operational targets with ease.


Manage your Equipments with more insightful and data driven metrics with Tekch's FMS. Manage inventory status,IOT driven real time performance data and get pro-active information for an upcoming breakdown or maintenance required. Reduce your Total Cost of Ownership(TCO) while Improving Efficiency and Predictability of your Equipments.


Transform Your Facilities to a complete Paperless Facility while automating all your workflows from Repair and Maintenance Requests to Asset and Vendor Management. Manage your teams with a connected and seam-less interface to manage day to day operations. Stay ahead with pro-active planned schedules of Facility Operations. Improve your team's productivity and increased visibility of facility operations with metrics exposed by Tekch's FMS

Farming / Agriculture

Modern Farming and Agriculture relies on technological innovation to produce in concentrated regions. Tekch's FMS helps maintaining these complex machines to prevent breakdown's. The preventive asset inspection schedules help the equipments prevent failures. In typical scenarios post failures it takes couple of months to replace these machines followed up with days of effort to bring it in a working condition. In the production months these emergencies would be a nightmare to deal with from cost and complicated logistics involved. Tekch's FMS helps these work order history to be maintained for these machines and hence act as a cover for upcoming repair or maintenance ahead of time.


As an Building Operations Head you need to be on top of all preventive and maintenance schedules in the building. Added to that is to establish a connect with building residents requests (both on demand and scheduled) to the relevant handymen,vendor or equivalent executive for fullfillment. If maintained proactively a building maintenance can reduce overall operating costs and add great building residential/commercial usage experience to the residents or occupants. Tekch's FMS provide a single unified mobile interface to your Handymen's,Vendor's and Residents/Occupants to track and manage their requests. Also planning the maintenance schedules ahead of time reduce undue expenses.


As an Property Owner or Property Manager you need to be on top of all preventive and maintenance schedules in the Property. Added to that is to establish a connect with property residents requests (both on demand and scheduled) to the relevant handymen,vendor or equivalent executive for fullfillment. If maintained proactively a Property maintenance can reduce overall operating costs and add great building residential/commercial usage experience to the residents or occupants. Tekch's FMS provide a single unified mobile interface to your Handymen's,Vendor's and Residents/Occupants to track and manage their requests. Also planning the maintenance schedules ahead of time reduce undue expenses.


There is no other sector where customer satisfaction is more emphasized as it is in hospitality. The mantra 'customer is king' must have emanated from this Industry As a hotel Manager, staying on top of Operational Excellence and parameters driving it is inevitable to guarantee utmost customer satisfaction levels. Tekch's FMS is a tool for achieving outstanding customer satisfaction. Beyond helping you manage Assets, Preventive Maintenance,Scheduling Requests it adds value by reducing total time for work order completion and also reduce daily in-flow of maintenance requests.

Restaurants / Small Businesses

Being a voluminous industry in revenue and workforce the restaurant industry drives a significant part of economy. By Optimizing operations restaurants leads to a direct impact on their profits. Restaurants larger part of operations run's around kitchen and its kitchen equipement's and keeping them operationally running with being hygienically complaint and updated is a reasonable ask. Tekch CMMS helps automate the repair and maintenance process of their kitchen equipments from HVAC to chillers,stoves,freezers etc. Managing the lifecycle of a workorder from creating a request to finding and allocating to the right vendor,handymen etc and then managing the post work quality etc all of that happens on a single mobile interface. Also managing the assets for scheduling , anticipating maintenance requests becomes seamless with Tekch's FMS.

Churches / Non-Profits

Track and Manage your daily work orders and maintenance requests through Tekch's FMS. Keep your facilities up-to date with scheduled repair and maintenance.


Get your Fleet operational and connected with Tekch's FMS. With Tekch's in-build tracking capabilities drive your team's productivity a notch up while helping them locate staff and customers on the fly. Beyond Geospatial features your fleet can manage all their assets for their scheduled and on demand maintenance tasks.


Fully automate and digitalize your school's maintenance schedules to keep your equipments uptime close to 100%.


Local Government's and municipalities meet the needs of an ever expanding population of constituents, while providing security, public safety, and managing budgets. With increased security concerns it is crucial that assets are properly maintained and data related to asset maintenance,depreciation,lifecycle are readily available. The data traversal inside outside the authority is imperative and need to happen smoothly while keeping the data security considerations in place. Tekch's FMS drives managing infrastructure assets effectively in the way of achieving maximum operational efficiency.

About Us

Running a facility with a consolidated real time view of operations has been a challenge for Facility Managers. Married with paper driven processes,irrelevant metrics and a non trustworthy data facilities have been left to run and own inefficiently with these legacy workflows.Meet Tekch Smart Facility Management Software, a Comprehensive Integrated AI,IoT-Driven Property Management Platform build specifically for Facility Management Workflows . Consolidating every operational workflow while building a Portfolio of smart properties in a single connected interface.

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  • Tekch FMS has got us rid of all our Logbooks,Excel reports where all the operational data ,daily, monthly dashboards were sourced from. We are always on top of our data while being mobile. Also the interface is easy to get used to by our executives.

    Ashish Yadav - HSBC HeadQuarter,Gurgaon
  • Tekch FMS has comprehensively covered and transformed our operations into a real time digital solution. Managing Commercial Facility with Tekch FMS has been a pleasure. The team also has been very supportive in resolving our issues real time.

    Govind Kumar - Facility Manager,SB Towers,FilmCity,Noida
  • Tekch FMS have consolidated every micro aspect of our Operations from Helpdesk to AMC's to Energy Management. Helped us reduce multiple operational issues proactively and saving lot of time and money.

    Anand Kumar - Facility Manager,Times Center,Noida

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