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Work Order Management

Manage all your Work Orders across categories on the Go be it maintenance or repair requests,on demand requests or scheduled tasks. Capture all the relevant data from Images to Checklist to Any Inventory or Parts used from a single interface.
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Asset Management

Manage and Monitor all your assets to achieve the greatest return while minimizing the total cost of ownership.
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Scheduled Maintenance

Plan your schedules ahead of time to proactively address futuristic maintenance,procurement’s etc. Preventive maintenance helps to distribute maintenance cost evenly and improves operational effeciency. With Tekch’s simple intuitive interface schedule plans basis dates,assets,category etc in a ziffy.
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Invoice Management

Scale up your accounting operations with Tekch’s automated Purchase Order(PO) and Invoice Processing features. Get rid of manually intensive and unscalable paper based Advance Purchase(AP) processes.
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Team Management

A well Connected team spread across location’s from on-sites to offices is a pre-requisite for an effective operation. Beyond coordination communication across team’s Tekch’s Team Management ability contains role based access to various features,hierarchal and spatial organization with a simple and intuitive interface.
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Real Time Data Access

Be pro-active through insights gained from actionable operational metrics helping you to optimize operating costs and improve efficiency.
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Predictive Analytics

Look through the future with Tekch’s predictive analytics capability giving real time visibility to patterns across your maintenance expenditures,asset allocations spread across locations,teams and multi-sites. Tekch’s drive your facility operations through a gradual but significant shift from condition based maintenance to Predictive Maintenance through technology.
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Multi Site Property Management

Manage multiple properties from a single intuitive Interface.

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