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Why Cashflow Management

Cash is king when it comes to the financial management of a growing company. Net cash flow is an important measure of financial health for any business. For SMB's the most important aspect of cash flow management is avoiding extended cash shortages, caused by having too great a gap between cash inflows and outflows. Academic studies over the years have found that cash flow problems can be one of the leading causes of failure for businesses.
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Cashflow Management with Fintekch

With Fintekch manage your cashflow with a detailed data driven insights on the Go. With a simple intuitive UI be on top of all the financial in and out flow data required on the go.
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Why Invoice Automation

Smart companies are restructuring their invoice management processes to respond to the speed of change that new technologies enable. As business becomes more complex, there are inevitably more invoices and purchase orders to process. At the same time, relations with suppliers are evolving as they expect greater ease of doing business.
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Invoice Management with Fintekch

Need of the hour is an automated Invoice Processing System which is scalable with increase in Business Volumes versus a traditional Workforce oriented approach which would mean increasing Staff with increase in Volumes. Businesses have seen 60 percent reduction in invoice processing costs with Invoice Automation. With Fintekch reduce your invoice processing cost with seamless Invoice Processing on the go. Scale up your accounting operations with Tekch’s automated Purchase Order(PO) and Invoice Processing features. Get rid of manually intensive and unscalable paper based Advance Purchase(AP) processes.
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Why Expense Management

Managing Expenses on Paper,Spreadsheets,Printed Receipts etc are one of the inefficient and time consuming practise.Not only it gives way to uncomprehended expenses but it paves way to fraudulent practices at an organization level as well.Automated expense management system helps eliminate these discrepancies and ineffeciencies.In return organizations can set up and focus on the core of their businesses. Investment in expense management is one of the very few things that work positively directly effecting your bottom line by controlling it, avoiding leakages and helping you push it down.
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Expense Management with Fintekch

With Fintekch enjoy a streamlined process with powerful compliance and reporting tools while tracking and reporting expenses easier than ever with automation so you can leave spreadsheets and headaches behind.
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Predictive Analytics

Look through the future with Tekch’s predictive analytics capability giving real time visibility to patterns across your cashflow's,expenses etc helping you take pro-active actions to manage your cashflows.
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Recurring Tasks

Manage predefined recurring tasks in a ziffy. Automate expenses,invoicing,reporting to be executed at defined intervals .
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